Gender inequality is often viewed as a larger problem outside of Europe than within, but the statistics are troubling.


Some troubling statistics include :

Persistent gender inequality, discrimination and violence: 
43% of LGBTQIA + people
feel discriminated against

Long lasting gendered impact of COVID-19:
1.5 million women have lost their jobs due to the pandemic

Gendered impact of the Ukraine war:
6,5 million refugees, mostly women

Rise of anti-gender movements:
707,2 million dollars have been invested in anti-gender organisations from 2009 to 2018 in Europe

Sources : FRA, EPF, UN Women and EIGE


Our vision is a just and fair European society where gender equality is achieved for all people, especially women, girls, boys, men, and those who identify as LGBTQIA+ living in vulnerable situations

The Alliance supports the strengthening of small, frontline organisations working on gender equality in Europe that are working to improve the lives of individuals, ensure that they have equal access to opportunities and help them to live free from violence, while also addressing the underlying structures and power dynamics that uphold inequality and exclusion. We believe in a holistic approach where improving the lives of individuals goes hand-in-hand with pushing for systemic changes.


  • Provide funding and capacity-building for small, frontline organisations working on gender equality across Europe that support with people living in the most vulnerable situations
  • Build collaborations with and between funders and grantee organisations that accelerate their learning and inform more effective gender equality work
  • Establish a robust donors collaborative on gender equality in Europe deepening our understanding of the most impactful ways to support the gender equality ecosystem
  • Mobilise the philanthropic community to support gender equality in Europe