The Alliance supports non-profit organisations working to improve gender equality in Europe through grant-making, capacity building and networking opportunities. Whenever the Alliance has a funding round, the call for proposals is published on this website as well as distributed through various channels. Please subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on LinkedIn to remain up to date.

For each call for proposals, you will find specific instructions for submitting a funding request, including information about what activities could be funded or not, the geographic scope, and frequently asked questions. You can see more details about our funding approach here.

As the problems the Alliance seeks to solve are complex, it requires long-term commitment to create lasting change.

It also means that our resources are small compared to these challenges, so we are unfortunately unable to fund all the requests we receive.

We also wish to develop an open and trust-based relationship with our grantee partners and CSOs in the field, enabling them to share their successes, challenges and learnings and encourage those interested to connect.


The Alliance aims to mobilise the philanthropic community to support gender equality in Europe and establish a robust donors collaborative deepening the understanding of the most impactful ways to support the gender equality ecosystem.

Through the Alliance, foundations collaborate and benefits of the following:

1. Increasing impact
The Alliance allow donors to strategically maximize the limited funding available in gender equality in Europe and catalyse results towards stronger and more sustainable organisations.

2. Providing help where it’s most needed
Financial contributions go to small grassroots CSOs leading the way across the continent that could be otherwise difficult to reach.

3. Collaborating on the fund development
Members have a seat on the Steering Committee, thereby shaping the future of the initiative.

4. Benefiting from learning
Members have the opportunity to exchange with leaders in the field to increase knowledge and share best practices. By connecting with grantees through tailored activities and spaces, trends and challenges in the sector can be explored in depth.

5. Experimenting funding a new issue or area
The Alliance provides foundations not previously engaged in the field with an easy point of access to experiment in giving for gender equality and women’s rights in Europe and learn from more experienced donors.

6. Mitigating risks
The Alliance mitigate potential reputational risks for donors as well as for grantees.

7. Making a statement
The Alliance help donors show the philanthropic sector’s solidarity in funding gender equality in Europe.