The Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe
is a donors collaborative supporting progress for gender equality and women’s rights in Europe.




Vision & mission

Our vision is a just and fair European society where gender equality is achieved for all people, especially women, girls, boys, men, and those who identify as LGBTQIA+ living in vulnerable situations. The Alliance supports the strengthening of small, frontline organisations working on gender equality in Europe that are working to improve the lives of individuals, ensure that they have equal access to opportunities and help them to live free from violence, while also addressing the underlying structures and power dynamics that uphold inequality and exclusion. We believe in a holistic approach where improving the lives of individuals goes hand-in-hand with pushing for systemic changes.





The Alliance is the only pooled fund focusing on gender equality in Europe. The initiative emerged from broad consultations with the women’s sector, including women’s funds, civil society organisations, and corporate and private donors. We engage a diversity of funders, whether they have experience giving to gender equality or not and facilitate collaboration, mutual learning and increased impact.

Grant making

The Alliance implements regular calls for proposals and their focus is discussed and agreed by members.

In our funding, we are committed to:

Supporting long term structural issues of gender equality in Europe such as gender-based violence, access to economic resources, access to education and training, environment and listening to the field to identify emerging issues.

Ensuring a geographic distribution of grants across Europe to underscore that there is a need to improve gender equality in all regions while responding to specific geographic needs.


The Alliance is committed to being a learning organisation engaging with the sector to strengthen our impact. This commitment unfolds with the following activities:

Funding +

Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation for systems change

External expertise




Call for proposals

 “2023 economic opportunities fund” call for proposals – CLOSED

Our “2023 economic opportunities fund” is was open for applications until February 12, 2023 at 23h59.

It is aimed at driving impactful and sustainable community-driven solutions that promote economic opportunities for marginalised women, transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming people in Europe.

We will distribute 3.5 million euros in grants of between 60 000€ to 150 000€ in core funding or project funding to small and medium size frontline organisations based and active in Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The complete text of the call for proposals can be viewed here.





The steering committee provides the strategic orientation and approves the final grants decisions. Chaired by the Fondation CHANEL, the current members are the King Baudouin Foundation, L’Oréal Fund for Women and Bodossaki Foundation.





The Alliance supports non-profit organisations working to improve gender equality in Europe through grant-making, capacity building and networking opportunities. Whenever the Alliance has a funding round, the call for proposals is published on this website as well as distributed through various channels. Please subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on LinkedIn to remain up to date.


The Alliance aims to mobilise the philanthropic community to support gender equality in Europe and establish a robust donors collaborative deepening the understanding of the most impactful ways to support the gender equality ecosystem.



31 May 2023

Our 2022 annual report is out

What you will find in our report In this annual report, you will get to know more about our first full year of operation. We share our impact, learnings as well as present the work of our grantee partners. We hope you will find it insightful and it will contribute to the conversation on how […]
31 May 2023

Launch of the “2023 Economic opportunities fund” call for proposals

The Alliance for gender equality in Europe (the Alliance) is a donors collaborative created in 2021 to support progress for gender equality and women’s rights in Europe. It is composed by Bodossaki Foundation, Fondation CHANEL, JP Morgan, King Baudouin Foundation and L’Oréal Fund for Women and hosted by the Network of European Foundations. Through grants, […]



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