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12 June 2024

Empowering Single Mothers in the Netherlands: Meet Single SuperMom

05 June 2024

What do European elections mean for gender equality?

17 April 2024

Our 2023 annual report is out

International Women Space_Empowerement workshops 3
08 February 2024

Achieving gender equality through collective and targeted funding

Visuel article_Reflection
05 October 2023

Accessibility, equity and decision making in funding: what we have learned from our 2023 economic opportunities fund

Visual article_announcement
24 July 2023

We are announcing 3.47M€ in grants for organisations working at the intersection of economic inclusion and gender equality in Europe.

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18 April 2023

Our 2022 annual report is out

09 January 2023

Launch of the “2023 Economic opportunities fund” call for proposals

09 January 2023

“2023 Economic opportunities fund” call for proposals – Frequently asked questions

03 January 2023

The Alliance partners with community-driven organisations and collaboratives to support gender equality for the most marginalised